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    Unanswered: Search button- form creation


    Currently I am trying to create a database with relationships customer booking and cottage. So I have got an issue with creating a search button which will search for available cottage when start date and end date will be entered. Basically by entering two dates(parameter boxes) in the form or quary will go throught the booking id's and check which cottages are not used at the date which it is required.
    Could anyone please help me with this issue, it may sound easy for some of you, however, I am bit stuck on it.

    below you can find .accdb file with my sample database hope someone will be able to sort it out. Thanks
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    Lets call the desired Start, End dates: DStart and Dend
    And the existing booked table has Start and End dates: SDate and EDate

    Available =
    (DStart > SDate AND DStart >= EDate)
    (DStart < SDate AND DEnd < SDate)

    hope this helps
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    I don't really know how to make the form to do such a thing like checking dates and displaying them in the results. Would you be able to add the form onto that file I attached. NTC you gave me the criteria, however my problem is that I am not sure where to put it while creating form...

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