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    Unanswered: db2admin cannot run db2start, grant

    I have to create instances, databases and next HADR clusters.
    Environment: Windows 2008 R2 64 bit, DB2 v9.7 ESE FP 3a
    Unfortunately I inherited the DB2 installation as trusted from another person only with screen shots (incomplete).
    The response file was generated but it was deleted ?!? ... and no other information available ...
    I experienced lots of strange things that gave me a lot of trouble.

    The DB2 installations were created as Administrator user and db2admin was set as DAS.
    There should be at least three instances each with 5 to 6 databases for different middleware applications, WPS, WP, WCM etc
    Because of the pressure and the deadline I have rushed and I did not create different users for each instance.
    I logged into Windows as Administrator and I created the instances with:

    db2icrt -s ese -u db2admin
    Databases should be created as db2admin - the applications should connect to DB2 as db2admin with JDBC.
    I could not create them using db2admin but using Administrator and I cannot run db2stop/db2start as db2admin!
    I set up the SYSADM_GROUP as Administrators.
    I added db2admin to Administrators group as well.
    db2admin could not be used to run functions, could not grant anything... (despite that db2admin is member of Administrators as SYSADM_GROUP)
    When I launched CC for example I saw the instances appearing as different hostnames in left panel!
    I fixed the grant issue - as Administrator I gave grants to db2admin.
    Finally the applications could connect to databases.
    I still have a problem with db2stop/db2start:

    DB21009E  This command must be launched from a command window running with full administrative privileges.
    SQL1092N  "DB2ADMIN" does not have the authority to perform the requested command or operation.
    I has just discovered that:
    DB2 v9.7 was installed without enabed OS security. (DB2ADMNS group was not created)
    FP 3a was installed with enabled OS security!
    Everything worked just fine when I was logged as Administrator.
    I wonder if I create manually DB2ADMNS OS group and next add this group to 'DB Groups' for each of the about 20 databases everything would be fine?
    I am really concerned about this push-up setup and what is the best solution to try to fix this mess?

    Thank you,

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    If you also have a domain user called "DB2ADMIN" and you are logging into the DB2 server as that user, DB2 will take the rights of that user, not the local DB2ADMIN user who has Administrative rights.

    Either give the domain DB2ADMIN user rights as Administrator or log on locally as DB2ADMIN and you will then have rights.

    Let me know how you go.

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    I have checked and my "db2admin" user is a local user not a domain user...
    The local user is a member of Administrators and he can grant but he cannot run db2start at this moment.
    The only idea I have is to manually create the OS group DB2ADMNS, add my "db2admin" to DB2ADMNS and also add this group to 'DB Groups' for each database.
    I don't know if this would fix my problem...

    Thank you,

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    Mainly this was caused by Windows 2008 "UAC" feature - this is good to know ...

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