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    Unanswered: Why does my database appear blank for another user?

    I have a database saved as an MDB file. When another user tries to open it on her computer, the database appears blank. This is true even after she clocks the warning message to allow secure content. There is also no login prompt for her. (On my computer there is a login prompt when I open the file)

    Anyone know what is happening?

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    login prompts are based on the workgroup file
    if their copy of Access isn't linked to the same workgroup file, or you are not using a shortcut specifying that workgroup file, then it will reverty to the local workgroup file, and if that doesn't have a password associatged witht he admin account it will open up. I suyspect you need to spend some time with the Access secuirty FAQ

    as to why toi appears balnk I dunno, that could be a secuirity permission (if you have set up security for the forms, then not connecting to the correct workgroup file could cause the problem you mention
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    We probably also need to know exactly what you mean by "the database appears blank."

    Nothing shows up? No forms, queries, reports?

    Or they show up but without controls on them?

    Or they show up with the controls showing but minus data?

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    Hope this helps!

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