Devart continues to increase the number of supported development tools in new versions of Data Access Components. Now the products support NexusDB, come with enhanced Direct mode functionality, and provide high speed working with PostgreSQL.

Devart has recently released the new versions of VCL Data Access Components Universal Data Access Components 3.60, Oracle Data Access Components 7.10, and PostgreSQL Data Access Components 2.10 with more development tools supported.

Significant improvements in Universal Data Access Components
NexusDB Supported
NexusDB is a relational database that is nimble enough to be fully embedded into your desktop applications and powerful enough to be your primary database server.
NexusDB implements the international standard ISO/IEC 9075 - SQL:2003, including most of the Core SQL functionality as well as many of the additional features defined in the standard. In addition, NexusDB enriches SQL:2003 with extensions to expose vendor-specific functionality.

Improved SQLite Provider Functionality
Non-Unicode SQLite databases are supported. Working with database in old non-unicode format is equal to working with Unicode databases now. If you need to open a database in old format, you can do it without any difficulties, that helps you to save your data from legacy databases. You can easily work with it or transfer it to the modern (Unicode) databases. Encrypted databases are supported too, and you can use SQLite as a safe data storage. Also SQLite collation support is added, that allows you to enhance standard possibilities for string comparing or sorting.

Oracle Data Access Components with greatly enhanced Direct mode functionality
In the new version of Oracle Data Access Components database connection is possible not only when SID (system identifier that specifies an Oracle database instance name) is used. With Oracle Data Access Components 7.10, you can connect to a database using Service Name (system alias to an Oracle database instance). Now in Direct mode you can change passwords that were expired.
High-speed working with PostgreSQL
The performance of PostgreSQL Data Access Components was greatly improved. In some cases the speed of working with PostgreSQL database server is tripled.

Pricing and Availability
VCL Data Access Components have extremely flexible pricing. The Single license starts from as little as $99.95, and you can always choose the edition that matches your needs best.

To learn more, download trial edition or order a license, please visit the Devart site: VCL Data Access Components for Delphi, Delphi for .NET, C++Builder, and Kylix that Offer Connectivity to SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, and InterBase Databases .

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