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    Unanswered: Multiple Attachments on email from access

    I have been trying to do this all day so far. But here goes. Someone please help.
    I run an events venue, and looking to attach access generated reports (rptmenu) and (rptcontract) along with standard word files (seatingplan) (eveningbufideas) from a folder on the desktop to an Outlook email message. I can acheive only one of these via sendObject. But have no clue how to do this. How do i attach more then one to an email.

    What i would like is for the user to click a yes/no boxes to choose which documents to attach and then email message appears with all the relevent attachments they initailly selected.

    thanks for your help in advance

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    My favorite email link: Microsoft Access Email FAQ
    RuralGuy (RG for short) aka Allan Bunch MS Access MVP - acXP, ac07, ac10 - WinXP Pro, Win7 Pro
    Please reply to this forum so all may learn.

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