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Thread: DB2 privilleges

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    Unanswered: DB2 privilleges

    DB2 v9.7 fp 3a (Trial Version) on Win 2008 R2 (64bit).

    I have installed this DB2 trial version with full admin rights. Then restored the DB2 v8.2 database backup successfully.

    using db2cmd, at command promt I can connect to the database and did export ,import, drop table, alter table, backup, restore.,deactivate db, and activate db.....etc.
    However, I can not do the db2stop or db2start using db2cmd and getting not enough admin privilleage message.
    Also, db2pd -db database shows as database is not activated and not showing any database details.

    But using db2cwadmin I can do the db2stop and start. Also db2pd -db shows the database is active and shows all database details.

    Can someone advise, why I can not do he stop and start and db2pd using db2cmd.
    And how can I resolve this ?

    Thanks, Valan

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    It is due to the way windows security works... there is nothing to fix ...

    There is an explanation here for vista .. probably similar for w2008

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