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    Unanswered: Preventing subform1 from displaying (blank) new record when move to subform2

    access 2007 - I have a data entry mainform with 2 subforms, all are single form views. Each of these require a single record (all related) per new data.

    My users get nervous about subform1 because when they complete it (tabbing through) I move them to subform2 with setfocus.....and subform1 displays record 2 which is blank.

    I'm thinking of a workaround to display the 1st record in subform1 (that they just created) when they move to subform2.

    Can I write multiple setfocus lines to go back to a record1 control in the subform1 and keep this subform2 setfocus in the same on_exit?
    Private Sub subform1control_Exit(Cancel As Integer)
    DoCmd.GoToControl "subform2control"
    End Sub

    thanks for your help!!!

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    I think you can solve this using the subform's Cycle Property, which determines what happens when you tab out of a form's last control.

    Open the form your subform is based on, in Design View, and go to Properties - Other and set the Cycle Property to Current Record.

    Linq ;0)>
    Hope this helps!

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