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    Smile Unanswered: insertion in a table by deleting records from another table.

    Hi guys,
    I have a doubt. I have a table named as employee_details where i have 10 rows of records and I have an other table named as employee_details_logHistory which is created just to keep history of employee_details.

    I want result like when i am deleting records from employee_tables after thescope comes to to an end, i want those records in employee_details_LogHistory table so that i can keep history of my past records.

    Structure of both the tables are:-

    emp_name emp_id branch
    --------- --------- ----------

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    How will you DELETE records from that table?
    • When you are using a Stored Procedure (SP), just put the necessary INSERT INTO ..._history code in that SP.
    • When you will be using plain SQL (DELETE FROM ...), create a delete trigger that will put the data in your history table.

    You can do a lot more than this. Do a search on "audit trail trigger".
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