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    Unanswered: Signal on rejected rows when importing data

    How do I flag this condition? I am running several imports via a table driven Unix (ksh) script. When I get any rows skipped or rejected, I want to be notifiied. I have a check in my script for checking rc != 0, but rc is 0 so no email is generated. Thanks.

    The commands I am using is as follows:

    db2 "import from ${datadir}/${tabname}.ifx of ixf COMMITCOUNT ${commitCountRule} messages ${msgdir}/${tabname}.msg INSERT_UPDATE into ${schname}.${tabname}"


    Importing with no special format: default. tabname: LKP_FORM_DOC_MAP

    Number of rows read = 3362
    Number of rows skipped = 0
    Number of rows inserted = 0
    Number of rows updated = 0
    Number of rows rejected = 3362
    Number of rows committed = 3362

    Import rc = 0
    DB20000I The SQL command completed successfully.

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    Quote Originally Posted by manual

    Stops the import operation after n warnings. Set this parameter if no warnings are expected, but verification that the correct file and table are being used is desired. If the import file or the target table is specified incorrectly, the import utility will generate a warning for each row that it attempts to import, which will cause the import to fail. If n is zero, or this option is not specified, the import operation will continue regardless of the number of warnings issued.
    IMPORT - IBM DB2 9.7 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows

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