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    Unanswered: db2 client ver 9.5 on windows 7

    Good day

    Current Setup
    Client Side = Windows XP, DB2 client Version 9.5
    Server Side = Windows 2008, DB2 Enterprise Version 9.5

    I am having a problem installing db2 ver 9.5 client on windows 7. I have installed the db with user Administrator, its run ok. But when log as a different user ,the driver for db2 does not load.. When I click CLP it doesnt run etiher. when I type db2 in the SQLLIB\BIN it doesnt run also. I have already given all Administrator right to the user profile whick I am using. Ca anyone help me on this. Thanks in advance for the help..

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    i had it once when i builded a package for a DB2 9.5 Client on Windows XP. To Use the Client normal Users needed write-Permission on sqllib-directory. When the Package was rolled out these Permissions were mising. You could check, but on the other hand you already added the user to Adminstrators.

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