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    Unanswered: Exporting large amounts of CLOB data

    I have a table with two fields, id and XML. The XML field is a CLOB type.

    When I try to export some data to a text file

    db2 SELECT * FROM XMLREULTS where id='198.8192.123'
    I open the text file that is created and I see the XML. However, about halfway through, I see:

    DB29320W Output has been truncated.

    1 record(s) selected.

    How can I get the full result to export?

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    The export row is truncated at 32K unless you specify that LOBs be stored in a seperate file.

    db2 export to myfile.del of del lobs to /db2exp1/ modified by lobsinfile select * from emp_photo

    The above example also specifies the path where the lob files will go (or you can use the current path).
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