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    Unanswered: Searching MEMO fields for specific terms

    I'm trying to develop a pass-thru query to extract the records from a table that includes a memo field.
    The text string I'm searching for is 'ILR = NO' and it's many variations (upper, lower & mixed case - no spaces or spaces included).
    To get round that I've used upper(memo_field) to force it all to upper case - and am searching for the occurrence of ILR and NO in separate statements so for example

    where upper(memo_field) like '%ILR%' and upper(memo_field) like '%NO%'

    it does return some records but not all of them (I've checked manually so I do know which records should come out in the category I sampled)

    Thinking it might be the field length that was causing a problem I've also tried

    where instr(upper(memo_field),'ILR') > 0 and substr(instr(upper(memo_field),'ILR'),10)

    to give me a subset of records and a shorter field to search in a subsequent access query - but it still doesn't bring out all the records...

    I get the impression that memo fields are a bit awkward - any comments/ideas will be gratefully received

    Our front end supplier calls it a 'memo field' so it kinda stuck - the field type is Varchar2, 2000 characters length
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    Memo fields?
    Not Oracle type.
    Haven't heard about memo fields since DBase IV.
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    So, give us some sample data to play with and show us a TEST CASE of your own where your search results are skipping records (sample data with create table, inserts, etc.).

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    Oracle Text could be useful. Maybe.

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    Also check out REGEXP_LIKE() in the manual.

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