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    Unanswered: Paradox -> Access form display mode

    I have a simple name/address file that I setup in Borland Paradox many years
    In fact, the printed list in the kitchen dates back to 1998.

    One very nice aspect of browsing the Paradox db,
    is that you can see all the rows.... and scroll vertically like a
    spreadsheet, or Access,
    and then, land on the record that interests you,
    hit F7 - and you are now in "form display" mode of the record - (without
    ever creating a form).

    I've imported the Paradox db into Access,
    and I can manually roam around and change things,
    but would really like that old Paradox functionality -
    display all rows....
    scroll up/down,
    then display a record in form mode -

    Even if I create a Form,
    how do I get from the full screen scrolling of rows -
    stop on record - then display my form ?

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    You can create a form based on the table (use the wizard) then add a functionality to switch from Form View to Datasheet view and back. The View menu also allows to switch from one mode to another.

    In Access 2007/2010 a wizard can also help you build a form that display both a data sheet and a detail form in the same form object.
    Have a nice day!

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