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    Unanswered: Could not update; record currently locked - lots of research done, need more info yet

    There is a database created by someone else which I have been helping on. I have done the VBA coding and made some design suggestions. Currently, there is a vexing problem that I cannot find an answer to. It has to do with the could not update; record currently locked error - 3218 is the error number I believe. Unlike the more helpful error message that tells who has the record locked this one is vague. The form being used when this message appears is based upon 2 tables. One stores test case IDs and the other stores individual steps for these cases. Each time I have been able to look into this error the problem only appears when trying to change fields in the individual steps table. The test case ID table does not seem to play a part. The form is not based on these tables directly mind you. Instead it has as its record source a select query based on these two tables. There were no more than 15 people in this database during the time this error was happening - I am basing this on the associated .ldb file.

    The form is set for pessimistic locking (edited record) while the database defaults are no locks and record level locking check box checked. I can tell when a user has a record locked (or seem to be able to tell) because any other user experiences slow scrolling the associated test case ID - that's right, every step for the that test case scrolls slow. Every other test case not being edited scrolls fast. Also, users shouldn't even be able to start typing since pessimistic locking is enabled. Still, these users start typing and upon going to a new record using the mouse wheel or saving the record using the menu they get the cryptic could not update; record currently locked.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for this? The database is on a network share that I do not have administrative control over. The is a .mdb file without any security currently enabled. That is on its way shortly but not yet. I have witnessed the problem just disappear while troubleshooting though. One minute making changes causes the record locked error and maybe 5 minutes later it stopped.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigdoggit View Post
    ...There were no more than 15 people in this database during the time this error was happening ...The database is on a network share that I do not have administrative control over.
    Is this database split into front end (with a copy on each user's PC) and a back end, on the server? This is the only viable way to have a multi-user app in Access! Sharing a single, unsplit Access file is a sure way to corruption and to the kind of intermittent locking problems you're experiencing.

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    Split database option

    It is not split yet. I have discussed this with the creator and he plans to implement but hasn't just yet. I hope soon. Just to confirm what you are saying - once the database is split these error messages should go away since I am using edited record (pessimistic) locking correct? Or will they just be less likely? I hope they just go away once the split is done but part of me doesn't understand why that simple modification would make such a big difference.


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    if the database is split into a front end and backend can everyone use the same front end file that is on a network location or is that just as bad as a single unsplit database file?

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