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    Unanswered: Error: [IBM][CLI Driver] SQL1031N


    i'm an perl programmer working with dbi and try to get an connection to db2 db server. I don't know nothing about db2, i only try to get a connection to a db2 server via dbi drivers in perl.

    My test environment looks like this:

    - one machine: db2 v9 database on Windows 2003 Enterprise Server
    - another machine: db2 runtime client v9.7

    In my perl i already do some connections to oracle, mysql and sybase. All connections are working (after installing the client software and the appropriate drivers in perl).

    But i don't know how to connect to the db2 database or how to check if the connection is available (over db2 tools). I know there is db2 command but i don't know the syntax to get a connection.

    Perl delivers this error messsage:
    DBI connect('customer','administrator',...) failed: [IBM][CLI Driver] SQL1031N  The database directory cannot be found on the indicated file system.  SQLSTATE=58031
    Do i have to set environment variables? Maybe there is someone who can tell me a command and the syntax to try to connect with db2 tools.

    Thanks in advance


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    This is not a perl issue. You must establish a connection between your db2-server and db2-client first. Your name sounds dutch.. are you? I could call you and talk you thru.
    mail you number to

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    I'm not dutch, i'm german.

    Thank you very much for your offer to help via phone.

    I solved the problem in this minute.

    I found this issue help: IBM - Configuring DB2 For Install Using a Remote DB2 Server Or WebSphere Network Deployment

    Now i'll install a new client os and try it again. If there will be any problems after reinstalling and trying again i'll take your offer.

    Thanks André

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