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    Unanswered: Running total and an idea to unstack please!

    I need an asistance in my database please. In query "Qr1" there in the last field i calculate workhours during weeks per employee.
    [u]I need a running sum of workhours per employee in a new field. I think there should be an expression with the funxion Dsum. Can you help?
    notice that field [ΑΝΑ ΕΒΔ]: Format([ΗΜΕΡΑΥΠΗΡΕΣΙΑΣ];"yyyy-mm-ww")] brings the weed number and ΗΜΕΡΑΥΠΗΡΕΣΙΑΣ is a day/time field.
    i need running sum of field [ΔΙΑΦΟΡΑ ΣΕ ΩΡΕΣ]: [ΗΜΕΡΕΣ ΕΡΓΑΣΙΑΣ]*8,5+([ΚΩΛΗΘΗΚΕ]*4,857142857)-[ΘΕΩΡ ΩΡΕΣ ΥΠΑΛΛΗΛΟΥ]+([ΣΕ ΕΙΔ ΑΔΕΙΑ]*6,8) in a new field [TOTALS]
    where every employee from field [ΕΠΩΝΥΜΟ] in the have totals of hours for weeks they worked.

    [ΔΙΑΦΟΡΑ ΣΕ ΩΡΕΣ] is the calculated hours per week.
    [ΕΠΩΝΥΜΟ] is empoyee's surname.

    Please help me if it can be done..
    And also another general question ,
    How could i insert the already result of workhours number in my database for every employee so they are calculated to the day i shall start using the database which calculates workhours per employee? Need to make a new table? (worked hours?) and how would the table connect to the table of employees and table workdays?
    Thank you
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