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    Unanswered: Access 2007 - VBA Runtime error 3113

    Application running without problems in Access 2000. Upgraded to A 2007.
    Got error error messages 3113 and 3073.
    Apparently RANDOM !
    Minimum code:
    For I = 1 to 50
    strSQL = "UPDATE Persons ..."
    DoCmd****nSQL strSQL
    strSQL = "UPDATE Persons ..."
    DoCmd****nSQL strSQL
    If <check> Then Exit For
    Next I

    The table Persons stays the same during testing, except two fields that were updated. A test error 3113 when I = 6, another test error 3073 after I = 8, another test error 3113 after I = 2 ...

    I built in a 'waitfor' inbetween the DoCmd's.
    It helped !!
    If have a laptop with Intel Dual CPU T3400.
    I was disconnected from Internet.

    The controller of the CPU's doesn't work properly.
    Processor 2 is already executing the second DoCmd, while processor 1 still locks the table for the autocommit of the first DoCmd.

    Does this make any sense ?

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    eek you are 2 updates in a loop that you do 50 times.....
    that sounds like code that should be examined to see if there is a smarter way to do that

    just wondering if a do events or similar will help things

    as to the specific error messages you mention which refer to a noin updateable query. I wonder if there is soemthing you are doing that is changing the underlying data which is causing the runtime to crap out.

    I'd want to check what caused the error.. is it repeatable
    is there a common factor on errors
    is the data consistent between the 2003 and 2007 versions. ie is it something that has changed in the new version of JET or is it somehtign thats been lurking there sionce the year dot and is only now coming to light
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    OMG this exact same thing happens in my subroutine.

    I have one subroutine that runs a series of update queries on one table ('tblWorkingtable') one after the other. It worked without complaint in Access 2003, and now that we've upgraded to 2007 (still using as .mdb), it will throw random 3073 errors at various queries. The error message does not appear at any particular query, and sometimes I can run it through with any errors popping up. If one of those errors does appear, I simply click 'debug' and 'F5' to continue running the subroutine, and it all works perfectly.

    Given that Im a self-taught user of Access, I have very limited knowledge of engines and things used to process the VBA behind Access. Therefore, Im unsure wether this issue could easily be resolved by simply loading an addin or driver.

    Any suggestions are most welcome.


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    Thumbs up Run time error

    Basically Runtime errors occurs due to corrupted Windows registry having invalid entries that still exist because of software you are no longer using, or an removal of software or improper installation. This corrupted windows registry can be repaired. For this you need to have recovery software.

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