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    Unanswered: why NULL is not considered to be duplicate value ?

    Hello All,

    I have created the following table:
    CREATE TABLE `kuku` (
    `a` int(11) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',
    `b` varchar(20) DEFAULT NULL,
    `c` int(11) DEFAULT NULL,
    PRIMARY KEY (`a`),
    UNIQUE KEY `aaa` (`c`)

    and tried:
    insert into kuku values (1, 'aaaa', 1);
    insert into kuku values (2, 'aaaa', 1); - alert with duplicate error message
    insert into kuku values (3, 'aaaa', null);
    insert into kuku values (4, 'aaaa', null); - no alert was found

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    database - 0 , NULL, empty string, Default values - MySql Questions - Stack Overflow

    NULL isn't a comparable value you have to use the specific verbs to look at nulls in MySQL or for that matter virtually every other database
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    NULL is not duplicate

    Because mo two null values are equal.You can refer to MySql select with NULL value - MySQL tutorial | w3resource for learning NULL in detail.

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