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    Can I use RavenDB (NoSQL) or should I just be using MySQL(RDBMS)?

    I am starting on a ASP.NET MVC 3 General Management System (Project Management being the first component). Now I have been reading up a bit on RavenDB and it sounds pretty interesting. One of the biggest things that I like about it is the fact I would not need any type on ORM to handle the data from the DB. This will make my code a lot cleaner and quicker. However coming from a background working exclusively with MySQL for the past 6+ years, I tend to think very relationally with my data. There are a few things that seems like NoSQL would not be good for. I want to throw these things out there and maybe these issues can be handle in a NoSQL solution and I am just think too relationally (then again, maybe this project should be done with MySQL). These are the issues I am thinking of:

    1. Unique Idenifiers: I am going to want to be able to have unique identifiers for a lot of things. For stuff like projects, the name should be unique and could use that however when it come to tasks under a project, the title may not be unique and this is where I would use a quto-increment field but I can do that in RavenDB (from what I can tell)
    2. Linking: Using for fields like status and type I would just use a linking with a foreign key. Now for one-to-many relationships, I can just use the text instead of trying to link a foreign key (which you don't have in NoSQL) but with many-to-many linking, that because a problem. For example, I intend to have a tagging system (like on here) where most items can have 1 to many tags attached to it and then I can perform searches on those tag for the items. Is there a way to do this in NoSQL?

    Is a RDBMS really the best tool for the job here or am I just not properly think the "NoSQL" way and I can accomplish this with NoSQL (RavenDB)?

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    Regarding number 1, every table should have an enforced natural unique key, regardless of whether you also use a surrogate key.
    For your Tasks table, I would suggest a unique key combination of ProjectName|TaskName or ProjectID|TaskName.
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