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    Unanswered: Help with Access for Managing Photographs

    I am tasked with setting up a database that can handle between 4 and 6k photographs.

    Photos are for a floral designer. They need to be categorized by color scheme, price, type of event, etc.

    Client only has MS Access available and I am looking for suggestions on setup.

    The GUI is straightforward, however these photos somehow need to be categorized in the DB to allow the user to pull the images by category, price, etc.

    There is intensive setup in categorizing the photos manually, however, can access pull a batch of images and display them? I am not fluent in vb scripting, but can get help, just looking to see if this is something that is possible so I can get headed in the right direction.

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    If I were asked to do this, I'd store all the photos in a known folder location and then keep track of just the filepaths to the photos in the Access database. Displaying photos is pretty easy if you have a path the photo(s) you'd like to have displayed.
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    orectim such

    I agree with Terry. The files should definitely be held outside the database. I once worked for a shoe manufacturing company and they hired a friend of mine who wrote them an access database. They required 2 pictures of each shoe (one sketch and one Final photo) and needed to print them as needed. I remember her telling me addressing the files was by far better then trying to hold the hugh files inside the program. If you want I can give you the link to my friends site that discusses the catalogue database.

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    I wrote a visits database that needed a photo I'd stored in it
    Mark1 had the image stored in the database after about 6 months the database got huge I mean huge
    Then I rewrote it storing the image out side the database delete that field and the database shank by heaps
    hope this help

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