Quick reports question: How do I set it to allow splitting the groups onto multiple pages?

My report groups by a status field and then displays the records associated. Including status header and footer, the first status takes up about 20% of the page, and the second status takes up about 85% of the page. So, Access prints the first status on page 1, leaving 80% of the page blank and puts the second status on page 2.

If I set "Keep the whole group together on one page" then all of status 2 prints on page 2 (as expected).

If I set "Keep header and first record together" then same thing happens, even though I would think that means "if there isn't enough room to print the first record, push the header to the next page"

If I set "Do not keep whole group together on one page" (the obvious choice here), then the header of status 2 prints on page 1, but none of the records for status 2 print on page 1 ... they all print on page 2.

Apparently, if the entire set of records in a particular group is less than 1 page, but more than the remaining space, it goes to the next page, regardless of the setting to "not keep it together".

Can I change this?