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    Unanswered: "Cant carry out action" on external file call


    So I have searched all around for my issue and I keep finding similar but not exact. So here is my issue:

    I have a sub-form that when you enter a product number in the first combo box it populates desc in the 2nd and pulls an image from an external folder based on the product number(SKU). All works great until I package the DB then when ever you enter a SKU it gets error Cant carry out action and shuts down, exact when there is no image it pulls a defult pic from the folder that works fine, so what am i doing wrong that the no image works but not when there is a product image.

    here is the vb code i am using

    Private Sub SKU_LostFocus()

    On Error GoTo NoImage
    Me.Parent.ProductImage.Picture = "C:\AT Pos\Images\" & Me.SKU.Value & ".jpg"

    Me.Parent.ProductImage.Picture = "C:\AT Pos\Images\NoImage.jpg"

    End Sub

    one thing i did forget to metion - when the cant carry out action pops up you can see it did load the image on the form behind it

    thanks in advance for your help
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