This is an extension of a previous problem with an unwieldy database provided by a client.

I have a database that consists of 11 one to one related tables. This is due to the number of fields required by the client.

The client now wants to backup every change made to a record and indicate the time/date of the change plus the person who made the change.

This cannot be part of the 11 tables and will ultimately be discarded when the project is completed. It will simply be a fail-safe to ensure they can roll back a record to a previous state if needed.

So, for example, if the record in Table1 is not changed, but the associated portion of the record in Table2 is changed, back up the Table2 record to a different table, time/date stamp it and then update the Table2 record.

I'm hoping for an automatic solution, similar to the Append option in a Memo field, but for an entire record.