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    Unanswered: Strategy for saving documents created by Access


    I'm developing an Access 2010 application. One of it's functions is to print out a contract that a customer and my client both sign. I've thought about having my client then scan the signed contract and using the Attachment data type have the client save the scanned copy in Access. I've also read some concerns about expanding the Access file side using this. However, if Microsoft went to the trouble of adding this functionality, they obviously knew the accdb file size will grow. Another option would be after the contract is printed, convert it to a pdf file and then save that as an attachment in Access. I realize it won't have signatures and that is probably OK. One benefit of this approach is that there is "physical" evidence of the document the customer signed, (understanding there won't be signatures). If I don't either create a pdf or scan the contract, I can create the necessary table(s) in Access to store the information that was filled out to create the contract. HOWEVER, if there is text language changes to the body of the contract, (text/label's in the contract), that won't be saved and as time goes on if there is legal contract language changes, that won't be saved in any table.

    What thoughts do you have from a strategy perspective on how best to deal with this?


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    Legal issues aside, I would save either the scanned doc or the PDF in a folder somewhere. Instead of storing the file as an attachment inside the database I would just have a table that stored the path to the file.


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    I think canupus has the right idea here! Even in it's latest incarnation Access has a 2 GB file size limit, and storing the path to an external document, rather than the document itself, is probably the way to go.

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