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    Unanswered: Multiple Fields but one primary Key

    Im newb to database and writing a simple invoicing software in access with following fields

    total Qty
    total amount

    And Later i want it to be tracked by Po.No. Problem i facing is that i can only add one item per P.o.No i want to add multiple items with different quantity rate and amount and later show totals ... ! but all of these records should belong to single Po.No any solutions or ideas ??


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    This scenario calls for a classic One-to-Many Relationship. Basically you need two tables.

    First table stores information such as PO Number, PO date, company/person ordering, etc.

    Second table stores the line item data, such as Item, Qty, Unit, Rate, Amount and PO Number.

    The PO Number will be used to link the two tables.

    You will then need to use a Main Form/Subform to enter and display your data.

    The Main Form will display information from the first table. PO Number, PO Date, etc.

    SubForm will display the information from the second or line item data table. Item, Qty, Unit, Rate, Amount and PO Number.

    total Qty and total amount would typically be calculated and placed in a field in the Footer section of the SubForm, then referenced by an Unbound Textbox in the Main Form.

    Also, since you're in the early stages here, note this about names in Access.

    You cannot use names with periods in them, such as PO.No and Po.Date. You really should avoid all special characters except the Underscore _.

    You should avoid names with spaces, as this requires special handling in Access and frequently leads to problems. Instead of total Qty use total_Qty or totalQty.

    And avoid Reserved Words, such as Date. This, too leads to all kinds of problems. Use PODate or PO_Date instead.

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    Hope this helps!

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