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    Exclamation Unanswered: Problems with update query

    For my ICT coursework we had to do a database for a fake business and I choose to do a shop.

    I need the database to:
    a)work out the number of items in stock after deducting the current sales
    b)check to see if the items are below a certain level and if they need to be re-ordered
    c)the one i having problems with- a update query to update the number in stock field in the table to new stock after the orders have been made

    Current i am using queries to:
    1) query to work out the total number of each item of stock ordered.

    2)take away the total number of stock ordered from the current number in stock to give the new number in stock.

    3) check stock levels to see if the stock was above a range and if it needed to be re-ordered.

    4)Then I used a query with the criteria set that only the stock that needed to be re-ordered was there and I calculated the new stock level after it was re-ordered.

    5)Then finally I used a update query to update the stock in the table to the new stock I calculated using the last query but everytime I go to do this I get the same message ‘Operation must use an updateable query’

    Does anyone have any idea why am getting this. I think it must be a simple mistake as my friends has it working using the same method.Or does anyone has a alternate way I can update my stock.

    Ask if you need any more information. I really need this to work.


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    It would probably easier if you could post the SQL statement of the query that causes the error you're talking about. The structure of the table(s) could help too.
    Have a nice day!

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