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    Unanswered: rollforward command in DPF

    Can we use rollforward command in DPF using overflow log path option ? If so how do we do that ?

    Generally to do a rollforward in DPF environmnet, I copy the logfiles of each partition to its own active log path directory and run a rollforward from admin node.

    Is there an option where we can run rollforward command from the admin node by placing all the logfiles of all the partitions in one path and provide that path name in the overflow log path directory.
    So basically my question would be: If we wanted to use over flow log path in rollforward command for a DPF environment, how do we do it.

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    Here is an example of how you would use "overflow log path" in DPF:

    rollforward db test to end of logs on all
    dbpartitionnums overflow log path (
    /test_dbbackup/test_Restore_Logs/NODE0001 on dbpartitionnum 1,
    /test_dbbackup/test_Restore_Logs/NODE0002 on dbpartitionnum 2,
    /test_dbbackup/test_Restore_Logs/NODE0003 on dbpartitionnum 3,
    /test_dbbackup/test_Restore_Logs/NODE0004 on dbpartitionnum 4,
    /test_dbbackup/test_Restore_Logs/NODE0005 on dbpartitionnum 5,
    /test_dbbackup/test_Restore_Logs/NODE0006 on dbpartitionnum 6,
    /test_dbbackup/test_Restore_Logs/NODE0007 on dbpartitionnum 7,
    /test_dbbackup/test_Restore_Logs/NODE0008 on dbpartitionnum 8,
    /test_dbbackup/test_Restore_Logs/NODE0009 on dbpartitionnum 9,
    /test_dbbackup/test_Restore_Logs/NODE0010 on dbpartitionnum 10)

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