I have a report meant for a directory of employees. The report pulls from a query of various contact info and a picture. The query runs fine... and the pics return as expected (it seems) when I run the query alone.

The odd thing is the resultant display of this report - it is as if a "ghost" person is being added to the results - like a blank spot is being inserted.

The report is set to display its results in a columnar fashion - across then down, but it seems seems to skip a space when starting page two...

For example, the query returns 8 people. The page's layout and size should fit six people to a page - three rows of two columns. e.g.

Page 1:

1 --- 2
3 --- 4
5 --- 6

...and that does that just fine for the first page... then when the last two people print to the second page, I see this.

[empty] --- 7

instead of...

7 --- 8

Does the above make sense?

What would make an empty space beginning a second/subsequent page?

The returned info is just numbers and text, and an image that is sized to fit with the report layout) and set to zoom, so I doubt it is the picture. Further, I even deleted the image and reran the report, and it still inserts that blank space.

Thoughts? Thanks in advance for any ideas.

-Matt G.