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    Unanswered: Help viewing calculated and Non calculated measure in SSAS 2008

    We have upgraded from SQL 2005 to SQL 2008. I am using Excel 2007. One of the cubes that we upgraded contains calculated and non Calculated measures. The calculated measure is for "missing hours" and is just a calculation using the other measures. (All measures are in the Fact table.)

    The issue I am having is that when viewing the cube (using browser in the Cube or in Excel), as long as I don't select any dimensions I can view the appropriate values from the calculated measure along with any other measure I select all at the same time (in the same pivot).

    As soon as I select a dimension in row field in the Excel Pivot (or browser in the cube) any measure In the column field that is not a caluculate measure has its values removed (the column is still visiable and there is data behind it when you drill down, but the pviot cell display is "blank".) If I remove the calcuated measures from the selection of Measures in the Pivot (or Cube Browser) then I can see the appropriate values for all other rmeasures selected.

    I am very much a newbie in SSAS. I have been pulling my hair out on this for over 3 days. (It is is worth noting that this worked fine in 2005.)

    Update: I did find a work around for this. In Excel If change the pivot table option to show rows that have no values, the measures that were previosuly blanked out have thier true values shown. The end user should not have to do this...especially since there are values in the columns????
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