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    Unanswered: Encripted user login issue

    Hi, I have a data base which our company has workd off for many years and our IT guy has left and changed all the passwords so we cannot access our own data.

    I have found the login access database however when you open it its encripted.

    Can anyone offer assistance on how to view the data? I have attached a screen shop of how it seem to look at the moment.
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    moved it to the Access thread
    just wondering if the miscreant has changed the code page for the database. its not somehtign I've ever done, or even contemplated so I don't know if you can but those sort of symbols are symptomatic of code page issues

    there are other options
    one is to create a new database
    temporarily change the workgroup security file to somethign else, or nothing
    import all the objects from the problem db.
    see if that clears the fault
    then re apply any security settings as required
    if so repeat the process with all other db's with the same problem.
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