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    Unanswered: Sync databases manually

    This is my first post on this website. Hi to all.

    I have a question that may have a very simple answer, or not...

    I work in a company with two offices each with its SQL server and different databases DB1 and DB2 for different apps.
    Recently half of the team from one office moved to the second one and now these people need to access the same database DB2. I created a VPN connection to enable people from both offices to work against the same database DB2. Unfortunately the VPN had to be removed due to a problem with a telephone software (...).
    What I did in order to save the day (or not)was to restore the same backup of the database in question in each server of each office. The problem, which you may be already guessing is that now I have the same database with two versions and I need to merge the changes/transactions from both databases in order to be synced...
    I tried to take the transaction Log Backups from one DB2 and restore them them on the other DB2 but it didn't work as intended...

    I'm sure it must be a situation covered by SQL server but don't know how to do it. Any help would be appreciated...


    Thank you

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    replication or mirror the db's....

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    Merge replication would be your best bet. You would have copies of Db2 on each machine, and Merge Replication would broker changes between the two. This strategy would still require a reliable connection between the two offices, though.

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