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    Unanswered: DB2 V9.7 online backup issue

    Hi Ppl,

    We recently upgraded our DB2 database from v8.2 to v9.7 Fixpack 1. We are on platform AIX 6.1. We are using DB2 enterprise server edition 9.7 for LUW.

    During our course of upgrade project, we were performing only full offline backup. But after the migration only, we started scheduling online incremental and full online backup.

    But for some reason the backup get stuck in the middle for no reason and there is no movement on the backup for hours, i dont find any useful information on db2diag.log file too. The dialog file says 'Backup has started' tats all after that it didnt record any messages related to backup.

    We have raised ticket with IBM, still we want to know your ppl thought on this.

    This scenario has happened 3 times and till now we didnt have any successful online backups on production?

    But online backup (incremental and delta) ran fine on our development server, which has same OS version and same DB2 version.

    Is this know issue with V9.7 FP1? Any one else encountered this issue before?

    Let me know if you ppl need any other information.


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    Does it happen during the backup of the same tablespace or is it random ? List tablespaces command will show the tablespace that is being backed up (Tablespace State).

    do you have utilities running frequently on the database ?

    what is the output of db2pd -latches
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    if the backup is disk check the size of image file is it growing.
    check for list utilities show detail.
    is there any other utilities running like runstats, reorg u can check for the compability issue. what is state of your UOW agent which is doing the backup is it exe mode or ?

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