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    relational design opinions

    Have a design concept here I am looking for some opinions

    This is a schedule for an automotive service schedule.

    1. the customer is able to schedule in several vehicles for service.

    2. the schedule contains labor codes which will be a drop down menu in the main screen that the user can select from. For example: a selection would be: (lof) oil change which has a set price per hour.

    3. the main screen will also consist of a drop down menu for the store selected and based upon the store selected another drop down menu will be populated for the employees of the store chosen.

    So the main screen for the schedule will consist of these attributess shown in a grid:


    dateTimeIN, dateTimeOut, firstName, MI, lastName, VIN, storeId, serviceWriterId, technicianId


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    i don't see any way of relating the service schedule to the employee who's going to work on it | @rudydotca
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