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    address postcode merge assistance please

    Hi All

    Just been recommended this forum so very nice to be here.

    Can i please ask for some help on a GB address database, i have met with a brickwall.

    Basically, i am looking to merge post code data with latitude & longitude, i have googled and found the following instructions as shown in the link below. Now having completed this process, i find some of the merged results in the wrong area, for example: results are turning up in the North sea rather than Kent.

    Convert between Latitude/Longitude & OS National Grid Reference points

    Now what i am hoping for is either an application preferable free-share (but also willing to pay for an app) that i can use or a detailed list of instructions on how to complete.

    I obviously understand you guys are busy bees and i am very new to these forums but would really appreciate some assistance.
    Any help would be much appreciated.

    Thank you Kindly

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    that page allows you to convert a postion (latitude and longitude) to an OS Map reference
    the sticking point is translating a position to a postcode or vice versa.

    for that you need somehtign like Geocoder - UK Postcodes - GB Grid References - Lat/Long
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    Hi mate

    thank you for the reply. do you know of any application or tool that can complete the merge for me as its really difficult to conquer?

    Thanks for the reply
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