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    Unanswered: DATALINKS information DB2 9.5/9.7 not found in DBM CFG....

    I'm trying to comply with the CIS benchmarks for DB2 9.5/9.7. Inside this document, it states to ensure that the DATALINKS switch is off inside the DBM.

    I update the DBM using DATALINKS NO and receive a "DB20000I The UPDATE DATABASE MANAGER CONFIGURATION command completed successfully".

    Now I need to show that this parameter is turned off, but I can't find its listing within the DBM CFG nor the sysibmadm.dbmcfg table.

    Does anyone know where (preferably inside the db) I can find this information?

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    Datalinks is not supported starting with v9.1. dbm cfg info is stored in .../sqllib/db2systm. datalinks info is still stored in this file and I suspect that's why update dbm cfg worked. I'm not sure how you can view this info unless you find a way to read this binary file. I think the easiest way for you to show that it's turned off is to do the following:

    db2 update dbm cfg using datalinks yes
    db2 update dbm cfg using datalinks no

    and then db2diag.log will contain the following entries:

    CHANGE : CFG DBM: "Datalinks" From: "0" To: "1"
    CHANGE : CFG DBM: "Datalinks" From: "1" To: "0"

    0 = OFF

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