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    Unanswered: Create Stored Procedures From DB

    Since coming from the MSSQL world I would typically always start a project by creating stored procedures for selected tables (CRUD Stuff) and then fine tune them. There would be a GUI to select the tables and bang a stored procedure would be created for you.

    I have literally 50+ to do in the new project using MYSQL and have not found a tool to do so?

    Although I am loving MySQL as it's fast, easy to maintain and not such a PIA (Pain In Ass) as something MSSQL could be the tons of little tools like this is making it harder to get married to MYSQL, still dating now!


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    Hi Jim,

    I developed a PHP script that does this. Unfortunately it has to be run from the command line. This does not create the tables but reverse engineers the procedures for you based on the primary key of the tables that you have already created in the database.

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