I am using JDBCTemplate for fetching the records...my table have 46,000 rows that I want to wrap in a user type object using rowmapper.

But when I try below code it shows " Executing SQL query [Select USER_ID,Desc from Q7.USERBSC_INFO where STAT_CD='ACTIVE']" and after that nothing happened..I waited for 15 minutes but still showed nothing..but application still working...no exception

I am using JCC drivers of DB2, this is a mainframe DB2

But when I run the query for only 1500 records it work fine...is there any limitation for fetching records?

public List<usr> getusr() {
    	List<usr> list = new ArrayList<usr>();
        String query = "Select USER_ID,Desc from Q7.USERBSC_INFO where STAT_CD='ACTIVE'";
list = getJdbcTemplate().query(query, DB2RowMapper.mUsrInfo);

        return list;
public static RowMapper mUsrInfo = new RowMapper()
                    public Object mapRow(ResultSet rs, int rowNum) throws SQLException
                    	Usr usr=new Usr();
                        return usr;