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    Unanswered: Retrieve ONLY First Picture Record For Each Customer

    Hello all:

    I need a specific SQL solution to use for an image gallery that would display the first picture for each customer for that specific job type. Here is some condensed sample data for each of the two tables.

    Reference TABLE
    jobNo refName refProj
    1 Johnson Concrete
    2 Blake Concrete
    3 Jones Landscaping

    ReferencePicture TABLE
    picID picDescrip refPicLink (which is a FK linked to jobNo)
    1 Sidewalk 1
    2 Driveway 1
    3 Wall 1
    4 Basement 2
    5 Wall 2
    6 Bushes 3

    So on my Concrete page, I would ONLY be retrieving the records with picID 1 and 4 and for the Landscaping page I would be retrieving picID 6.

    I have tried several combination of using DISTINCT and also TOP with my SELECT statements but I'm guessing there is a much more efficient way to handle this.

    Please let me know if I am being clear enough.

    Thanks for looking.

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    Something like this:
    SELECT rp.*, r.refName, r.refProj
    FROM ReferencePicture rp
      JOIN Reference r ON r.jobNo = rp.refPicLink
    WHERE rp.picID = (SELECT min(rp2.picID) 
                      FROM ReferencePicture rp2
                      WHERE rp2.refPicLink = rp.refPicPicLink)

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    Yup. That did the trick. Thanks much!!

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