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    Question Unanswered: Forced drop connection / subscription

    Hello everyone,

    I have a problem with dropping connection to corrupted database in replication server 12.

    What has happened:
    I have db server "data_server1" with database named "dbstat" which have a dead connection in replication server. Database was deleted and there's no chance to recover it so I'm trying to drop this dead connection with standard command:
    drop connection to data_server1.dbstat

    when executing this command RS returned the following message:
    "Database 'data_server1.dbstat' has subscriptions in it. Cannot drop connection to it."

    so in next step i tried to drop subscriptions for this not existing anymore database:
    drop subscription S3A_S2A_msg_xsd_slow
    for S2A_msg_xsd_slow
    with replicate at data_server1.dbstat
    without purge

    and the RS returned following information about dropping:
    I. 2011/03/08 10:47:31. REPLICATE Replication Server: Dropping subscription <S3A_S2A_msg_xsd_slow> for replication definition <S2A_msg_xsd_slow> with replicate at <data_server1.dbstat>
    I. 2011/03/08 10:47:33. PRIMARY Replication Server: Dropping subscription <S3A_S2A_msg_xsd_slow> for replication definition <S2A_msg_xsd_slow> with replicate at <data_server1.dbstat>

    but it cannot be dropped because of dead connection and no way to communicate with unexisting database.

    Any idea how to handle with this problem?
    How to force dropping subscriptions and dead connection?

    Thanks all of you for help


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    You have to manually delete the subs from the system tables.

    Something like below.

    take a backup
    delete from rs_subscriptions
    delete from rs_rules
    delete from rs_repdbs if its the last subscription.
    bounce repserver

    There might be slight differences depending on the version.

    Do you have a support contract? If so, best to contact them and get the full steps.

    I wrote a tool which is available in sypron to check what subscriptions / repdefs exist in a repserver domain. May come in handy for you.


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    Thanks for tip trvishi. It works fine.

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    Cool Quick, clean & simply way to force drop connection DSI sybase replication server

    I was in the same situation.
    I was very embarrassed to drop a connection because of database replication definition subscription and a huge replication flow to skip.
    Here is a quick, clean & simply way to force drop connection DSI sybase replication server :

    1) resume connection to DS.DB skip to resync marker
    2) wait & see for purge of RS queue (fast)
    when queue is purged
    3) suspend connection to DS.DB
    4) in the same "go" :
    resume connection to DS.DB (not with skip to resync marker)
    drop subscription .. for database replication definition .. with primary at $LCONN with replicate at DS.DB
    5) drop connection to DS.DB

    Jérôme J
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    Exclamation Cannot Drop connection

    I think I got similar problems :

    I want to re-synchronize the replication server.
    I have already stop the replication agent and truncate the secondary point to stop data transfer from and to the replication server.
    when i attempt to drop the the connection the error encountered
    Database "DBserver.DbName" is the primary for some replication definition. Cannot drop connection on it.
    The replication settings is bi-directional, so i assumed that before dropping the connection, i have to drop the subscription first.
    so I access the REP_SERVER_RSSD and enter the rs_help

    the result:

    1> rs_helprep
    2> go

    Replication Definition Name

    PRS Primary DS.DB Primary Table Replicate Table Type rs_classes

    REP_SERVER RSSD_SVR.REP_SERVER_RSSD rs_classes Tbl rs_columns
    REP_SERVER RSSD_SVR.REP_SERVER_RSSD rs_columns Tbl rs_databases
    REP_SERVER RSSD_SVR.REP_SERVER_RSSD rs_databases Tbl rs_dbreps
    REP_SERVER RSSD_SVR.REP_SERVER_RSSD rs_dbreps Tbl rs_dbsubsets
    REP_SERVER RSSD_SVR.REP_SERVER_RSSD rs_dbsubsets Tbl rs_erroractions
    REP_SERVER RSSD_SVR.REP_SERVER_RSSD rs_erroractions Tbl rs_funcstrings
    REP_SERVER RSSD_SVR.REP_SERVER_RSSD rs_funcstrings Tbl rs_functions
    REP_SERVER RSSD_SVR.REP_SERVER_RSSD rs_functions Tbl rs_objects
    REP_SERVER RSSD_SVR.REP_SERVER_RSSD rs_objects Tbl rs_routes
    REP_SERVER RSSD_SVR.REP_SERVER_RSSD rs_routes Tbl rs_systext

    I tried to drop subscription one by one but it gives me an error
    what is the right command to do this?

    I need help,,, thanks

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