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    Unanswered: Table Design Issue, Junction or Not?

    In this issue, I have three tables, Work, People, and JunctionPeopleJobTitles as seen in the attached pic. It might be helpful to know the junction table connects to a JobTitles table. Its function is to use the person as they were in a point in time since people get promoted and whatnot.

    I originally did not have dates attached to the work and had PeopleFK. Then I found dates to be easy to attain, so I broke off the People relationship and connected it to the junction table. As I did, I then found that I could attach a person in time to the work. I had been running Excel VBA for now to find what a person did when the work unit was done.

    Now I found that a query can find the same data on-the-fly. I might have just answered my question, but are there any other issues to think about? The Work table is over 180K records and is the crux of the database. I will have to run the query for nearly everything.
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    and Idea he could be a bit late

    this mite make easier

    what i do

    name the PK the same name as the Table

    Customer Table
    CustomerID <= PK

    then in the Invoice Table

    so just by look at the table I can see how it is link to and other table

    also what msaccess does if create a query with those to table it will put the link in for you.

    its what I do
    hope this help

    See clear as mud

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    Yes, that was one of the early tables, and I regret not keeping the normal naming scheme for that table like you describe. Thanks!

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