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    Unanswered: MS SQL Queries on ODBC from Informix


    I have very little previous experience with SQL. Today my boss had me configure our Windows Server 2003 R2 with MS SQL 2008 for ODBC access to an Informix database on another server containing call center data. He'd like me to create queries that will run in MS SQL on the Informix data based on ASP and SQL queries that a previous employee wrote.

    Can anyone help me set up MS SQL to run queries on the ODBC data? Or possibly suggest a solution that makes more sense? Thank you for any input.


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    I am thinking you want to either replicate the data to SQL Server (which would require a lot of work with SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), or you can link directly to the data with a Linked Server. I would be a bit leery of what performance implications this is going to cause on the Informix side.

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