Hi everyone. New here just looking for some help with a DTS package in MS SQL Server 2000.

I have a package that uses multiple transform data tasks (30+) to move data from one server to another. Then Execute SQL Tasks are then run to enhance the data. These have a workflow Precedence Constraint to wait until all Transform Data Tasks have completed (Not bothered if they succeeded or failed).

Here's where the problem lies.

Depending on certain conditions (which are not known in advance) I want to disable some or all of the Transform Tasks. I can do this using either an ActiveX or Dynamic properties, to disable the task or even mark its property as complete. When you run the dts these steps then have the status of "Not Run". Hence they don't meet the Workflow criteria and the SQL Executes never run. If I remove the Workflow the Execute SQL runs before the transforms are all finished and gives me incomplete data.

I could probably achieve this by splitting the DTS into two and having a job call them both but was hoping for a way to keep it in one package

Sorry for the poor explanation, hopefully the diagram below will help.
Any help would be appreciated. Been scratching my head for days.


Database A                         Database B
       |                                |
       | >>>>> TransformDataTask1 >>>>> |
       |                                |
       |                                |
       | >>>>> TransformDataTask2 >>>>> | >>>>> SQLExecuteTask 
       |                                |       (Workflow DataPump1,2,3 Complete)
       |                                |
       | >>>>> TransformDataTask3 >>>>> |