I'm new to this forum, I hope this kind of announcement is appreciated. I think sqledit (sqlkit's application) can be of invaluable help while developing applications and sqlkit can boost the time it tabke to write a new application.


ANNOUNCE: sqlkit 0.9.3

March, 3 - 2011

I'm happy to announce release 0.9.3 of sqlkit package for Python.

sqlkit v0.9.3 documentation

This release

This is a release with a great number of changes and new features,
the main important ones are:

* Added image/file fields
* Added enum-like field
* Correctly implemented duplication of records
* Removed dependancy on glade
* Moved toward a better MVC pattern
* Fixed behaviour of hooks that allows better interaction/customization
* Many bug fixes

The python package
SQLkit PyGtk package provides Mask and Table widgets to edit database
data. It's meant as a base for database desktop applications.

The application
It also provides 'sqledit' a PyGTK application based on sqlkit that can be
used from command line to browse and edit data.

The package has 2 very rich demo suites for sql widgets (the main one in
sqlkit/demo/sql/demo.py) and for layout creation


If you like sqlkit and want to help translating, you may find the project on:


Main features of sqlkit:

* editor of databases in 2 modes: table & mask
* based on sqlalchemy: can cope with many different databases
* very powerfull filtering capabilities:
- each field can be used to filter records
- filter may span relationship
- date filtering possible also on relative basis (good for saved
* completion on all text field and foreign keys
* very easy way to draw a layout for mask views
* completely effortless editing of relationships
* very easy way to set defaults
* possibility to display totals of numeric fields
* any possible sql constraint can be attached to a Mask or a
Table. It can be expressed as a normal sqlalchemy query or with
django-like syntax
* sqledit: the application to edit db

Sqlkit is based on:
* python (>= 2.5)
* PyGtk
* Sqlalchemy (>= 0.5.4)
* python-dateutil
* babel (localization)
* you db driver of choice

Dowload & more:

* Download: Download, requirements & googlegroup — sqlkit v0.9.3 documentation
easy_install sqlkit
* Source: hg clone py/sqlkit: Summary
* Google Group: sqlkit | Google Gruppi
* Translation: https://launchpad.net/sqlkit
* Tutorial: Mailing list — sqlkit v0.9.3 documentation
* Changelog: http://sqlkit.argolinux.org/download/Changelog
* License: GNU GPLv3