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    Unanswered: Procedure to update a column

    i created the following procedure that will update status to closed and it is failling:

    create or replace procedure hr_updatestatus_sp
    update hr_staffhandsetbenefits_tb
    set stat_code='20'
    where sysdate >= trunc(due_date)

    can anyone help me figure out what is wrong?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sellyh19 View Post
    can anyone help me figure out what is wrong?
    Without the description of the table (at least types of STAT_CODE and DUE_DATE columns) and exact description of 'failing' behavior, it is impossible without some kind of guessing. Let me do so - it is Friday afternoon and your Oracle database needs rest.

    By the way, the WHERE condition quite uncommon and hard to understand. I would change it to
    WHERE due_date < TRUNC(sysdate)+1
    (maybe you would call this condition 'failing').

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    Here is a picture of my car.
    It does not go.
    Tell me how to make my car go.

    It is really, Really, REALLY difficult to fix a problem that can not be seen.
    use COPY & PASTE so we can see what you do & how Oracle responds.
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