I am the SQL dba of the SQL database that is in question. My permissions are owner. I recently added 3 new users to an Access mdw file that accesses this database. Whenever they attempt to Update a record they get the following MS Access error message dialog.

ODBC--update on a linked table'dbo_DCOinfo' failed

[Microsoft][ODBC SQL SERVER DRIVER][SQL SERVER] UPDATE PERMISSION DENIED ON OBJECT 'DCOinfo', database 'vault', owner 'dbo'. (#229)

I have given each of the user owner level permissions. In addition, I have checked marked each box for INSERT UPDATE AND DELETE for each user (given that they have owner permissions, I thought that this should not be necessary). Unfortunately, they are still unable to update data in the linked table.

Furthermore, I have troubleshooted through this and found out the following:

Note 1 -At our organization, we have unique login IDs to access our computers.

Note 2 - The software we use has a separate .mdw file with all logins/pws.

Note 3 - If I log onto the software, since I have owner rights, I should be able to do anything. However, I get that error message.

Note 4 - I used another employee's unique login ID to login the computer. I then logged into our software using admin login and now it works.

Basically, it seems that this problem is specific to the unique login IDs.

I guess my question is what setting would cause this to happen?
Does anyone have a suggestion on what to do to resolve this issue?

I appreciate any help I can get.