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    Unanswered: Sybase Replication Server - Create user error

    i have this problem with replication server :

    when i create user from Client application the replication server and replicate database became suspend.

    to insert login in replicate server database i am using bcp out and in, the step is :

    Primary Database
    1. Dump Primary database = primary.dump
    2. bcp out (master.syslogins)
    3. in text file that bcp out created delete row suid number 1 and 2 (sa and probe)

    Replicate Database
    4. sp_configure 'allow updates',1
    5. bcp in (master.syslogins)
    6. sp_configure 'allow updates',0
    7. Restore database=primary.dump

    Replication Server
    7. Create primary database definition and master database definition
    8. Create replicate database subscription and replicate master database
    subscription. With Materialization Method = Bulk
    9. Activate
    10. Validate

    All status= Valid

    with this settings i have been replicate data with no problem or error at all , but the only error is where client application create user. when i create user and

    check syslogins table in master database compare it between primary and replicate database there is a difference in suid example:

    create user
    user id: newuser
    pass :newuser

    Primary database
    suid name
    1 sa
    2 probe
    3 user1
    4 user2
    7 user3
    8 user4
    9 newuser

    replicate database
    suid name
    1 sa
    2 probe
    3 user1
    4 user2
    5 newuser
    7 user3
    8 user4

    you can see in primary database newuser login became suid number 9 but in replicate database newuser login became suid number 5.

    what im ask here , is there something wrong with my step or something must to add, remove with my step or the whole idea to copy login to replicate database is wrong ?

    can someone help me, thanks before and sorry for my bad english


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    Theres two kinds of replication.

    1. One is warmstandby. (sp_reptostandby)
    2. Other is table to table replication.

    On table to table replication, none of the DDL / user security etc works.

    If you are using sp_reptostandby, then DDLs work. And some procs. But dont think sp_addlogin works there. Check the documentation for supported DDLs/stored procs.

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