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    Unanswered: Access to Java

    I am going to learn Java and would like to know if there are many similarities in Access that would benefit me. Also, if I study hard, how long does it take to learn Java well enough to write precess modules? Do you recommend any oneline classes in order to accelerate learning?

    Thanks for your help.

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    Post Access to JAva

    you it does help you visit oracle or sun micro systems site to know more about java and its features

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    Java is not similar to Access
    the closest languages to Java in the Microsoft stable are VB.NET and C#
    how easy it si for you to pick up Java to a competent level having a knowledge of VBA / Access is tricky to determine. a lot depends on your abilities to pickup details.

    VBA is nto a class / OOP language. theres a fair bit of OOP gong on under the hood in Access (you reference properties and methods of controls, you can write calss modules but its a hybrid between conventional procedural languages and OOP's. JUava is full blown OOP. it will help if you understand object orientated programming.

    after the 'delights' of the VBA IDE developing in Java can be a tough proposition, getting a decent editor can help (such as Netbeans or Eclipse, of the two Netbeans I find less hostile).

    The GUI in JAVA (swing) is virtually a complete subsystem in its own right and can be a pain to understand.

    there's quite a few tutorials out there, but for me I find its a read lots an lots of books and keep 'em handly whilst developing. similarly using two monitors (one for the IDE, the other for the on line help system) helps

    the online documentation tends to be very terse and doens't always give examples of use, or may give a single line example, rahte rthan the code snippets yo get from Access help.

    theres a lot of books written from the C, C++ orientation, indeed much of the code style is inherited from C++ so it can be a brutal initiation for someone from an Access / VBA background.

    but dont let that stop you trying Java.
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    In the my opinion, to access the value in the java, it use the 'Get' method. JAVA is the object oriented language. It has the some suitable method to fetch the data.
    int x =variable.getText();
    or to fetch the value into the database -
    int x=variable.getText(1);
    where 1 is the column value.
    I think that it is very easy to fetch the value in to the java.
    Thanking you.

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