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    Unanswered: How to make Informix Stored Procedure Able To Return Multiple Rows of Data

    HI, i am a new bee in Informix Sql.
    I have search online but no resource on how to return multiple rows of data from stored procedure.

    For sql server 2005,
    i just need to select whatever data i want to return...

    but it is not same in Informix...
    Does anyone has any idea on returning multiple rows of data from a stored procedure?
    Help Please !!

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    create procedure test () returning int, char(50);
      define a int;
      define b char(15); 
      foreach c1 for
        select customer_num, lname into a,b from customer
        return a, b with resume;
      end foreach;
    end procedure;
    select a, b
    from table(test())(a,b)
    where a > 110;
    Return values from an SPL function

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    Got It!!
    Thanks InformixWilli !!

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