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    Unanswered: Add a 1.5% charge to invoice?

    Hi all,

    I hope you guys can help me! I am a total noob on Access 2003.
    I run a small car garage with a paper based filing system, but I decided a while back to start using a database.

    Anway, I downloaded the excellent and free 'service management' template from the Microsoft Site:

    Search results for "TC001018467" - Templates - Microsoft Office

    I have amended some of the fields and text boxes to my needs.

    Anyway, I have one big problem that I have no idea on how to sort.

    If someone decides to pay their bill via credit card, I want the database to add a 1.5% charge (of the total bill) to the total bill, but I have no idea how I can do that.
    I also need this charge to be shown on the invoice when printed (called 'Invoice' in the Reports Objects in the template database).

    As I said, I am a total newbie on this, so dont even know if it is possible. The only things I have done to this database is just change some of the text boxes, so nothing major.

    Look forward to replies!


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    Usually the formula would be something like the following: CCur([InvAmt]*0.015/100)*100 This formula would make sure the cents are set properly. You probably would also need a condition about whether the credit card is being used or not.

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    You need a "Credit Card" Yes/No field
    and add a vba code to this yes/no field in a form

    If Credit Card Field = true then
    end if

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    Hi guys,

    Thanks for your replies.
    I am a total newbie at Access (I've only just decided to change from a paper based system to a database after all these years!), so sorry for the further questions.

    jfields0311 - Could you tell me where I need to enter that code? I have no idea

    Engelienart - Where should I create the yes/no field, and can you tell me where I need to enter the code?

    I have attached the database (hope that's ok), so you guys can see what I am working with - or if you guys can just add these 2 things for me (it would probabley take me all day!), that would be even better!

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