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    Post Unanswered: Whats after Pick

    Hi Folks
    Need some help for a friend of mine.
    We in the olden days used PICK I think it was R62 and also SB+ for our photographic labs. Worked well. I went out of business "not because of the Progs"
    But Ken continued to this day using it to run his camera store on the island of Norfolk. Its in the Pacific, anyway had an urgent call from him today asking if I still had any of the old OS discs as his computer is not reading them. Now this must be a record to still be using floppies to run the system. I told him that I ad sent all my stuff over years ago and he must have it stored somewhere.
    He's looking as I type.
    So I suggested why he had not copied the disc onto flash drives or CDs. He said that couldn't be done. That now is a question please can it be done if so how.
    Then he said his entire inventory and shop runs on this so he is stuck between a rock and a hard place.
    He said if there was a system he could migrate to similar to PICK he would I didn't know so this is a second Question. Is there some DB system he can go to so continue operating his business. Or is there an expert that can help him
    continue with PICK. I suppose we are looking for old copies of the original system.

    Any help greatly appreciated.
    I will put anyone in touch with Ken if they can help

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    Wikipedia is a good place to start looking for Pick OS information. If you choose to run on the Wintel platorm, then Revelation is the best choice that I've found. The system lives on, but it becomes more and more difficult to find good PROC-tologists as time goes on.

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    depending on how heavily your friends system relies on SB+, I would recommend a migration to UniVerse or UniData, not least because Rocket Software are the company who own UniVerse and UniData, but also own SB+ these days. Therefore they support SB+ on these platforms. Here a link to their website: Rocket U2 — Rocket Software

    The market for DBMS's which grew out of the original Pick OS is going strong and the technologies offer the ability to develop browser-based or windows app front-ends.

    Let me know how you get on, and I would be happy to assist if your friend requires assistance with a migration.


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